Life in General

Plot Twist

The past two years have brought so many new normals, shifted and cancelled plans, bittersweet disappointments and pleasant surprises alike. We’ve spent so much time writing and rewriting our own narratives, deciding if and how we should change our course as we navigate into the future, and whether our ultimate destination remains the same.

For so long, recording the struggles and triumphs of the everyday has felt just beyond my grasp. Every time I sit down to write, the very craft I’ve changed my entire existence to accommodate, words weighed too immense and flitted insignificantly before me, unable to do justice to the times we face; feeling meaningless before I even put them to paper and especially while reading them back. For a writer, this is a gasp for air thousands of leagues underwater: an act of sabotage disguised as solace.

I still struggle with my words, but lately they’re coming easier and providing more clarity now that I’m working with a new deadline…

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, but this one is worth my whole world. And I can’t wait to start sharing it.

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